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Stop aux attaques contre la RPDK

[EN]A few days ago, South Korea led a new ideological movement to attack the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In the forefront area, they scattered thousands of leaflets with imperialist and anti-DPRK propaganda. This is a new example of the movements of Imperialism to destroy any progress towards peace and reunification of the peninsula.

The recent provocation was no means by accident as the riot was kicked up unhindered in the heavily guarded forefront area, with the tacit connivance of the authorities. The authorities abandoned their commitments and have connived at the act of scattering anti-DPRK leaflets, and being well aware of the impacts and consequences of any slight rash act in the forefront area of acute military confrontation.

The youth and students in DPRK, including our Korean comrades, protested to denounce this new movement of South Korea and Imperialism, denouncing the anti-DRPK propaganda.

We stand against the continued hostile policy towards the people of DPRK and the aggressive military exercise of the USA and South Korea that are blocking the peace and reunification solution of the peninsula, giving us another example of how Imperialism is threatening the peace and dividing the peoples.

We stand against the appropriation of land and resources of the countries in Asia and the Pacific region by the USA for imperialist military purposes or for aiming to collect and control natural resources and transport routes.

We condemn the efforts of intervening and influencing on countries to enter into military agreements which jeopardize and threaten the peace and harmony.

The poster is based on a campaign of WFDY at 1970 in solidarity with the Korean youth and people.

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